Tesco Contracting Company Inc.



Project History

IPSCO Steel (Alabama) Inc.


230/34.5 kV MVA Main Substation, Design, Supply and Installation

Design Build of 230/34.5 kV substation and components including
230 kV circuit switchers 

34.5 kV SF6 outdoor circuit breakers 

6.20 Mvar filters, mimic protection and control panels
Control building, foundation, overhead aluminum bus and structures 

Site grading, oil containment system, grounding and fencing

IPSCO STEEL (Alabama) Inc. Kvaerner Metals


Power Distribution Electrical  

Installation of all 34.5 kV cable feeders and terminations 

Installation of unit substations, transformers, switchgear, control components, and protection components, including oil filled and dry type transformers 

34.5 kV vacuum circuit breakers and disconnect switches, 34.5 kV 4160V and 480V distribtion components 

Custom bus installation

IPSCO Steel (Alabama) Inc. International Mill Service


Scrap & Slag Facility  

Installation Hi-Mast Lighting and electrical track switches 

Installation of sight utilities 

Design and installation of custom underground cable duct banks 

Installation of control and distribution components

IPSCO Steel (Alabama) Inc. Kvaerner Metals


Hi-Bay Lighting, Design, Supply & Installation 

Lighting design and installation of all high back lighint in the following areas 



Rolling Mill 

Plate Mill

IPSCO Steel (Alabama) Inc. Kvaerner Metals


Electrical Installation Communications Phase 2
Installation and termination of plant telephone, fribre-optics, ethernet and commincations systems

ISPCO Tubulars Inc. Camanche, Iowa

Finishing & Testing Area Equipment Upgrades & Improvements

Whip conveyor installation
Wire MCC

Installation of HSS conveyor 

Fabrication and installation of HSS Control Station

 Ipsco Inc.


Ladle Metallurgical Furnace Transformer Installation 

Installation of 25MVA 15kV Ladle Metallurgical Furnace transformer feeding a twin LMF 

Installation and wiring power protection and control elements 

Installation, wiring and commissioning of alloy conveyance and weighing equipment

Caribbean Utilities Company


15 kV Cable Installation 

Detail design and installation of 15kV cable system in a utility substation 

Incorporation of 32 runs of 1500 feet through a complex underground ductbank system and 5 precast concrete manholes 

Development of installation procedures using custom sheave arrangements to install 3 single conductor concentric neutral cables in the underground ductank systems whule adhering to manufacture's specification on cable tensions and side wall pressure limits

IPSCO Inc. Transfer Industries


SpiralControl & Power System Upgrade 

Installation of all control and distribution components

Installation of 3 1500 kVA substations and 1 1000 kVA substation 

Renovations to a 10 MVA, 138/13.8kV substation 

Installation of AC variable speed drives 

Renovations to AC & DC welders to allow for remote PLC control and monitoring



24" Mill Installation - New constructor 

Installation of a 138/13.8kV 10 MVA substation and all associated cables 

Installation of 6 1500 kVA substations 

Installtion of 480V distribution switchgear

City of Regina


Water Treatment Facility 

Motor Control Installation 

Contril & Instrumental Design

IPSCO Tubulars Inc. Camanche, Iowa

Electical Installation of Hydro Modications 

Installation of hydro tester midifications 

Electrical installation of gangsaws

Carribean Utilities Company Aea Brown Boveri

Installation of High Voltage Cable  

Installation of 69kV cables from transformers to 15kV swtichgear and generators complete with termination

Installation of 69kV cable from GIS switchgear to unit sub transformers complete with terminations



Static Var Compensator Installation  

Installtion and commissioning of all elements of a 15 mV, 70 Mvar SVC 

Design and installation of 15kV feeders using custom cable configurations tied to furnace buses


New High Speed Pipe Mill, Blytheville, Arkansas 

Wiring of automation equipment


LaminarFlow Upgrade  

Installation of 3 MVA Substation 

Installation of 4-400 hp A.C. Variable speed drives for low pressure, high volume water pumping system


Fast Tracked Upgrade of 50 MVA to 65 MVA Arc Furnace Transformer  

Co-ordination of All Electrical and Mechanical Services for Removal of 50 MVA Arc Furnace Transformer and Replacement with 65 MVA 

Oversee Fabrication and Installation of an Adapter Base 

Co-ordination of Installation of Components During 24 Hour Production Periods 

Design and install 15 kV cable system for new transformer



15kV and 5kV Cable Installation 

Troubleshooting, Consulting and repair to existing faulted calbes 

Emergency Back-Up Generator Installation 

Design and Installation of Pneumatic Controls



Addition of 3-1600 HP Fan Motors

Design and Installation of Cable and Control Components for Motors and Fans 

Mechanical Installation of Drop Boxes, Conveyors and Blastgates as well as Ducting



72kV Substation Renovation 

Installation and commissioning of 2-1600 hp 6.9kV Fan Motors 

Design and Installation of 3000 AMP Cable Feeder, Breaker, Protection Elements


24" ERW Mill 138kV Substation Construction 

In Charge of All civil work 

Site Grading 

Pile Foundations 

Soil Resistivity 

Fabrication of all Steel Structures 

Substation Erection 

Installation of aHigh Voltage CT's and PT's and Related Structures 

Installation of Transformer and Subsequent Testing 

Fabrication ans Installation of Control Builings and Equipment 

Imbedded Conduits and High Voltage Duct Banks



Finish Mill Expansion 

Istallation of new 6.9kV switchgear and associated cables 

Installation of a thrid 4500 hp dc mill motor and parallelling controls 

Installation of dc drives for motors up to 1500 hp 

Installation of PLC and control components 

Commissioning of all control and power components