Welcome to the world of  TESCO Contracting Corporate’s website.  For over two decades, continuous improvement combined with the dedication and innovative thinking of each team member, we have grown into a safe, comprehensive and successful organization.

♦   Established in 1985

♦  Perform Heavy Industrial:
            New Construction
            In-plant Day-To-Day Maintenance and Operations
            Overhead Bridge-Crane:

                   •Load Testing

♦  Disciplines Intergraded into our Daily Workforce: 
            Technical Services
            Steel Fabrication
            Custom Sheet-metal
            Environmental Certification

♦  Currently operating in the United States and Canada

♦  TESCO’s Team Approach: 
            Develops Relationships
            Generates Efficiency
            Promotes Innovative Thinking
            Cultivates Skill Levels
            Views Every Job as an Opportunity

♦  Focused Keys for Repeat Business: 
            Customer Satisfaction
            Safety (OSHA Instructor on the team)

Working “Hand-In-Hand” with our customers helps us to understand and appreciate the Value and Success of their business of which we strive to return that value to them as a partner in their success. 

TESCO will be “Your Partner In Success

We look forward to working with you,

Brian Bakken