Tesco Contracting Company Inc.

Welcome to the TESCO Technical Services (TTS) page.  TTS is focused on providing the knowledge, expertise and strategy of Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) for our customers 24/7/365 by performing:

              On-line Vibration Analysis
              Laser Alignment
              On-site Balancing of Rotating Equipment
              Infrared Thermography
              Electric Motor “Current Signature Analysis”
              MCEmax On & Off Line Motor Analysis and Testing
              DC Motor  Brush Maintenance 
              Crane Certification & Load Testing 

Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM) is a maintenance strategy based on the benefits of Preventive Maintenance (PM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Proactive Maintenance (PaM) in a way that eliminates unexpected equipment failures in the manufacturing arena.  (RBM is intended to redirect plant maintenance from being considered a “necessary evil” into being viewed as a positive integral part of the cash flow process.)

Utilizing the RBM Systematic Process and working closely with the customer:
              We identify each piece of equipment (motors, pumps, gear-cases, etc.)
              Establish the performance criteria for each identified piece of equipment
              Develop a computer based program in which to:
                        ♦ Collect the desired data
                        ♦ Analyze 
                        ♦ Produce a report of any issues found listing them as: 
                                  • Emergency Action (Immediate shutdown and corrective action
                                  • Definite Problem (Suggest scheduling corrective action ASAP)
                                  • Potential Problem (No immediate danger, corrective action
                                  • Comment (Minor problem may exist)

NOTE:  All of our technicians are ISO Certified through the “Vibration Institute” (a “Not For Profit Organization”) at a minimum of Level II Certification in Vibration Analysis.  Also, all techs have their Laser Alignment Certification.

Diagnostic Test Equipment Utilized:

 Optilign Smart…Laser Alignment
 FLIR ThermoCAM P640…Infrared Thermography
 ISI Infrared Solutions  Snapshot...Infrared Thermography
 CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer (dual channel):
                                  • Advanced Vibration Analysis
                                  • Electric Motor “Current Signature Analysis”
                                  • On-site Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Equipment
PdMA MCEmax Electric Motor Analyzer...IEEE 56™ /Rev.18
                                  • Bar-to-Bar Armature Testing for DC Motors
                                  • Both On-Line and Off-Line Testing  
                                  • 250 to 5000 Volts Capability