Tesco Contracting Company Inc.

What We Can Do For You?

Why Use Tesco?
 1) We pride ourselves in support research and technology development that leads our specified field.   Staying on the edge of technology allows us to constantly provide solutions through computer assisted engineering combined with experienced field support to optimize plant efficiency and derive the most cost effective total solution.

2) We have a process designed to reduce our chances of being off schedule Including:

  • Project kick off meetings
  • Detailed Design, Check and Approvals
  • Assigning construction management hierarchy
    establishing stringent site safety awareness
  • Proficient project administration
  • Itemized Progress Reports
  • Acceptance Testing Documentation

3) Our pool of expertise is well recognized for it's proficiency and this is reflected in the number of satisfied customers.  Repeat business makes up nearly 80% of our total business.

Here at Tesco we can:

  • Production oriented facilities requiring quick performance and innovation.

  • Plant Automation

  • New Equipment Installations

  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Follow-Up

  • Procurement, logistics and expending to sites

  • Complete Project Management when required